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Hi there! My name is Elizabeth C. Haynes.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m an author and former head of marketing content for a multimillion-dollar corporation, now working independently to help clients improve the quality and effectiveness of their writing, storytelling, and digital (including visual) content. My expertise is pulled from 17 years of progressive experience as a career writer and marketer, which also includes work as a content strategist, an instructional designer, a tech writer, an agency copywriter, a ghostwriter, and a project manager.

My goal is to improve your written and visual communications – not to change your voice or style. I identify grammar and technical problems but I also look at storytelling, flow, theme, clarity, tone, and (for marketing communications) the effectiveness of the strategy and underlying messaging.

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The Essentials

I currently offer the following services:

  • Editing, consulting, and strategy for all types of business, marketing, or training communications (internal and external); this includes digital media like graphics and videos
  • Ghostwriting for executives or physicians (generally for short-form content like thought leadership, articles, media segments, bios, book contributions)
  • Copywriting, although I enforce limits in order to continue with my own creative work; I keep vetted writers on staff who you are welcome to contract when I’m maxed out
  • Writing coaching within business, marketing, or nonfiction settings; I do not coach on fiction
  • Editing and proofreading for books (I mostly focus on certain types of nonfiction books)

I generally edit to AP Style and/or against internal style guides. For books, I edit to CMOS. Use the buttons below to look around.

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